Rachel Mayberrie RN, BSN


Irit Avisar RN LLB MHA


The IMCNA- the Israeli Medical Cannabis Nursing Association (RA), was founded in March 2018 by Irit Avisar RN, LLB, MHA and Rachel Mayberrie RN, BSN.

The IMCNA is a non-profit organization, that was established in order to improve the quality of care for medical cannabis patients, and to provide professional nursing with cannabis knowledge and ongoing education. We continuously strive to advance skills, promote clinical studies and improve quality of life of patients.

There are many complex challenges for patients and caregivers in Israel. Israel is in the process of a medical cannabis reform called Medical-Legalization. 

The goal is for more patients to have access to medical cannabis and for patients to have the same consistent product each time.  They will receive the product in a pharmacy, and not directly from the growers.  


In addition, Israel, like many other nations and states is preparing to decriminalize possession of recreational cannabis.  Nurses as health care providers need to be cognizant, and prepared for the impact on public health policy especially regarding cannabis use and misuse in adolescent population.



In recent years, we have been aware of the development of cannabis and the requirements for obtaining a medical license. The number of patients has increased every day. Today in Israel, there are 35,000 licensed patients and 1 million people using without a license, for both medicinal and recreational use.

 Among the many roles of nursing care are to promote excellence, education, research, advocacy, collaboration, and development of policy,  Therefore, it is natural that the nursing profession will also unify in regards to the treatment of cannabis. It is very important that the nurses learn about this subject.

The benefits of medicinal cannabis (MC) can be maximized if clinicians educate patients about dosing, routes of administration, side effects, and plant composition.

It is important to understand that cannabis medicine is highly individualized. It takes time, persistence, active participation, and a little experimentation to find the right concentration and delivery system that works for each patient.

The nursing service at IMCNA is here to reduce the learning curve and save the patient's money.

We are proud to offer cannabis orientation classes and private nursing educational sessions for all patients.

Our goal is to educate and empower the patient so that he understands how to adequately and safely use this medicine.

The time our nurses spend with patients has been proven to achieve the best possible outcomes, with the least amount of cost. IMCNA Nurse Educators help clients find cost effective products that manage symptoms safely and effectively.

What IMCNA Nurse Educators CAN do:

  • Create individualized care plans that are appropriate for your lifestyle and budget with written instructions

  • Save you money!

  • Teach YOU how to effectively manage YOUR cannabis medicine

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance

What IMCNA Nurse Educators CANNOT do:

  • “Prescribe” in any manner

  • Make changes to your current pharmaceuticals

  • Provide guidance to non-medical cannabis card holders

  • Offer guidance on how to “cure” your condition

  • Applications or renewals for medical cannabis cards.