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According to this theory, there is a hierarchy of needs, organized in order of importance.

The pyramid divides human needs into different levels from the lowest level of the most basic, such as the physical needs such as the need to eat and drink, to the high level of needs at the top of the pyramid and the need for self-actualization.


According to Maslow, it is impossible to fulfill one need without fulfilling the need beneath it in the pyramid.

The first and basic level – physiological needs.

Second level – need for safety.

Third level – the need for belonging.

Fourth level – Esteem needs or ego needs.

Fifth level- Self-actualization Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be. Maslow writes about peak experiences once self-actualization is attained. Sickness can hinder patients from attaining self-actualization Medical Cannabis can help realize peak experiences, (not talking about getting high), but being at peace with oneself- physically, and mentally.. free from pain and suffering while coping with illness and even when facing catastrophic illness or even death.


The circle–symbolizes the circle of life and our commitment to a holistic approach to healing.


The  bird symbolizes the soul.

The wings are cannabis leaves.  Education about cannabis is empowering to patients and health care providers.